Mignonette sauce

Posted January 10, 2023

Last Updated: March 17, 2023

Mignonette sauce, which is seasoned onions and vinegar


  • 1/2 cup of red wine vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of finely sliced red onion
  • salt and pepper


  1. Mix onion and vinegar with salt and pepper to taste. Marinate overnight to soften flavors before serving. Usually lasts a week.

Mignonette sauce

Martinis and mignonette: ingredients for the best date night

Simple mignonette. No twists, putting this here because it's a staple for salads and as a condiment for seafood. You can also make it with shallots and white wine vinegar as well. Use white or black pepper depending on desired appearance.

In this sauce, I keep the onions sliced lengthwise. That way, you can add the onions to salads, sausages or hot dogs. If serving with oysters, mince the onions.

Eating oysters is a delicacy. If you have access to good, raw oysters and are comfortable eating them, they taste like the ocean. If you don't want to assume the risk that comes with them, you can also cook them into various dishes. This sauce works in both. You can make oyster stew, fried oysters, and grilled oysters. Eating oysters is also believed to have some health benefits, such as providing a good source of zinc and other minerals. Additionally, some people enjoy the experience of shucking their own oysters and savoring the unique taste of each one.

I learned to shuck oysters many years ago and the experience always brings fond memories. Pair with a martini with a healthy lemon peel.

Beyond oysters, mignonette sauce counters salty flavors with a sweet and tangy pleasantness. Enjoy a few drops in an otherwise plain tin of sardines. It will awaken the flavor. It's also great in sardine salad.